November Geek Corner Contest

Last month was tough at the Geek Corner.

Try your hand at this one.

Remember to add you name and grade on the back of the guessing sheet.

Do You Know The Different Genres?

Texts that provide facts about a variety of different topics is called…

The story of a real person’s life that is written by that person is called…

A type of fantasy that uses science and technology is called…

A suspenseful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story is called…

A story using made up characters but could happen in real life is called…

Verse written to create a response of thought and feeling from the reader. It is often written in rhyme. It is called…

The story of a real person’s life that is written by another person is called…

A story including elements that are not possible such as talking animals and magical powers is called…

A fictional story that takes place in the past. The events and setting are real, but the characters are made up. This is called…

Find guessing sheets in the Geek Corner of the library.

October Contest

Geek Corner Contest For October

Mull over and guess these book titles!

(This is a tough one)

Emerald Yolky Food with Accompanying Pig Product

Evening Salutations to the Celestial Orb

Soft Cotton Bunny Toy

Trifecta of Petite Swine

Unsightly Aquatic Bird

Locale of the Concrete Walkway’s Termination

Dispensing a Baked Good to a Rodent

Location of Untamed Creatures

Famished Butterfly Predecessor

Find Guessing Forms in the Library at the Geek Corner!