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We educate and inspire each child to reach their highest potential.

Where everybody is somebody!

600 E. Park Street, Pentwater, MI 49449
Phone: (231) 869-4100 | Fax: (231) 869-4535


If you do not know by now, March is Reading Month. The second grade and third grade class at Pentwater Public Schools met and exceeded their March reading month goals, so what did they get as a reward? Well, the students had asked our Superintendent before they started their "March Reading Month," that if they met their goal if our Superintendent would kiss a pig. Superintendent Karaptian agreed, and as you can see from the picture, our Superintendent held up his end of the bargain. Thanks to Superintendent Karaptian and the students for hitting their reading goals!


Pentwater Preschool is accepting applications for children who will be 4 on or before September 1, 2017! Our program is all-day, Monday through Thursday, AND FREE for qualifying families!
Give us a call at 231-869-4100 ext. 240, email us at or send us a message! We would love to be your child’s teacher 😊


As a reminder, the summer weight room hours will be 6AM-12PM. Only people who have registered and paid to use the fitness room are allowed to do so. No users under the age of 13 are permitted on the machines. Users age 13-17 may utilize the exercise equipment with ADULT supervision. Pentwater Public School athletes – ages 13-17, may use the fitness room WITH supervision of coaching staff!  Thank you for your attention!


Pentwater Parents, now is a great time to teach your children what it means to be a good “digital citizen.” Technology is reaching our children at very early ages these days; so let’s educate them on proper internet usage. has several games that students can play that teach them the proper way to be a good digital citizen. Please check out the link below and have a great summer!

Our mission is to provide an environment that encourages each child to succeed both academically and socially as a member of their community.